Korean Woodblock Atlas, Mid 18th Century

Ch'onha chido [Atlas of all under Heaven]

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9 woodblock maps from a traditional Korean woodblock atlas, printed mid 18th century. Mounted in a double concertina format during the 1970s by a very skillful Korean bookbinder. Covered with Korean fabric.

Ch’onha chido (Atlas of the world) is a traditional Korean atlas produced between mid 18th and early 19th century. With a map of China and Korea and 8 maps of the provinces of Korea.

  • Title Ch'onha chido [Atlas of all under Heaven]
  • Author Anonymous
  • Year 1750 (mid 18th century)
  • Size 43.5 x 41.0 cm
  • Colour Uncoloured
  • Illustrations 9 woodblock maps
  • Cover 20th centrury Korean binding covered with fabric

List of all Maps

  • [Front Cover]
  • China and Korea
  • Korean Province 1
  • Korean Province 2
  • Korean Province 3
  • Korean Province 4
  • Korean Province 5
  • Korean Province 6
  • Korean Province 7
  • Korean Province 8
  • [Back Cover]
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