1541: Ptolemy's Geographia by Laurent Fries

Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini Geographicae Enarrationis, Libri Octo ... Prostant Lugduni apud Hugonem a Porta. M. D. XLI.

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Renaissance atlas with woodcut maps, based on the so-called first modern atlas of Martin Waldseemüller. For the first time, a significant number of maps with the latest geographical surveys and observations are added to the traditional Ptolemy maps. The traditional maps can be found in early manuscripts and from 1477 onwards also in printed versions of the Geographia by Claudius Ptolemy, based on written records from the years around 150 AC.

The first edition of the first modern atlas was published 1513 in Strasbourg by Johann Schott and comprehends 27 woodcut maps after Ptolemy and 20 modern maps. A second edition with identical maps except for the Switzerland map followed 1520 also in Strasbourg. Between 1522 and 1541, four additional editions appeared with maps in reduced size by Laurent Fries. Together with Johannes Grüninger, Fries issued the two editions of 1522 and 1525 at Johann Koberger in Strasbourg. The third edition with smaller maps appeared after the death of Grüninger and Fries in Lyon 1535 with Melchior and Gaspar Trechsel. This latest edition of the important work was printed in Vienne 1541 by Gaspar Trechsel. For the last two editions Michael Servetus was responsible.

The maps of the last four issues were printed from the same woodblocks. In addition to the Waldseemüller maps, Fries added three new maps: A Southeast Asia map, a map of China with Japan and a new world map. The geographical information of this world map is based on the large 1507 world map of Waldseemüller. A full-page armillary sphere by Albrecht Dürer is bound after the maps (Meder 262).

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  • Title Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini Geographicae Enarrationis, Libri Octo ... Prostant Lugduni apud Hugonem a Porta. M. D. XLI.
  • Author Ptolemaeus, Claudius; Fries, Laurent; Servetus, Michael
  • Year 1541
  • Publisher Trechsel, Gaspar; Vienne, Dauphine; sold by Hughes de la Porte in Lyon
  • Size Folio, 40.5 x 29.0 cm
  • Colour uncoloured
  • Illustrations 49 double page woodcut maps, 1 full page woodcut map, serveral woodcuts in text, 2 full page woodcuts
  • Collation 149 pages, 1 leaf, 48 leaves register
  • Cover Contemporary brown calf gilt, most likely Italian. With small embossed gilt edges and gold embossed floral centerpiece.
  • References Shirley T.PTOL 7g; Adams P 2226; Phillips 336; Sabin 66485

List of all Maps

  • Europae Tabula prima continet insulam Albion, sive Britanniam & Hyberniam.
  • Europae Tabula secunda continet Hispaniam Baeticam, Hispaniam Lusitaniam, & Hispania Tarraconensem.
  • Europae Tabula tertia continet Galliam Aquitaniam, Lugdunensem, Belgicam & Narbonensem.
  • Europae Tabula quarta continet Germaniam magnam.
  • Europae Tabula quinta continet Rhetiam & Vindeliciam, Noricum, Pannoniam superiorem, Pannoniam inferiorem, Illyridem, Liburnia...
  • Europae Tabula Sexta continet Italiam & Cyrnum insulam.
  • Europae Tabula septima continet Sardiniam & Siciliam insulam insulas.
  • Europae Tabula octaua continet Sarmatiam Europae, & Tauricam chersonesum.
  • Europae Tabula nona continet Iaziges Metanastas, Daciam, Mysiam Superiorem. Mysiam inferiorem. Thraciam & Chersonesum.
  • Europae Tabula Decima continet Macedoniam, Epyrum, Achaiam, Peloponesum, & Cretam insulam
  • Tabula Prima Aphricae continet Mauritania Tingitanam, & Mauritaniam Caesariensem.
  • Aphricae Tabula secunda continet Aphricam & Numidiam.
  • Tabula Tertia Aphricae continet Cyrenaica, quae & Pentapolis, Marmaricam, Libyam, Aegyptum, & Thebaidem.
  • Aphricae tabula quarta continet Libyam & duas Aethiopias.
  • Tabula Prima Asiae continet Pontum, Bithyniam, Asiae propriae dictam, in qua Phyrgia Lyciam Pamphilia...
  • Asiae Tabula secunda continet Sarmatia Asiaticam.
  • Tabula Tertia Asiae complectitur Colchidem, Iberiam, Albaniam, & Armeniam maiorem.
  • Tabula Quarta Asiae complectitur Cyprum insulam, Syriam, Phoeniceam, Iudeam, Palestinam, Arabiam Petream, Arabiam...
  • Asiae Tabula quinta continentur Assyria, Media, Susiana, Persis, Parthia, Carmania deserta, & Hyrcania.
  • Tabula Sexta Asiae Complectitur Arabiam felicem & Carmaniam.
  • Tabula Septima Asiae Complectitur Margianam, Bactriniam, Sogdianam, Sacas, & Scythiam intra Imaum montem.
  • Tabula Octava Asiae Continet Scythiam extra Imaum montem, & Sericam.
  • Tabula Nona Asiae continentur, Aria, Paropanisadae, Drangiana, Arachosia, & Gedrosia
  • Asiae Tabula decima continet India intra Gangem.
  • Tabula Undecima Asiae continet Indiam extra Gangem, & Synarum regionem.
  • Tabula Duodecima Asiae continet Taprobanam insulam.
  • Typus orbis descriptione Ptolemaei
  • Tabula terrae noua, Christophorus Columbus natione Italus, patria Genuensis...
  • Tabula noua Angliae & Hiberniae
  • Tabula nouae Hispaniae
  • Tabula noua Galliae
  • Tabula quarta & quinta Europae de nonnullis Germaniae...
  • Tabula noua Poloniae, Ungariae, & Russiae
  • Norbegia & Gottia
  • Tabula noua Siciliae, Sardiniae, & Corsicae
  • Tabula nouae Italiae
  • Tabula noua Graeciae, Sclauoniae, & Bulgariae
  • Tabula noua partis Africae [Northern Africa]
  • Tabula noua partis Africae [Southern Africa]
  • Tabula noua Asiae minoris
  • Tabula noua terrae sanctae
  • Tabula noua Indiae orientalis & meridionalis
  • Tabula Superioris Indiae & Tartariae maioris.
  • Tabula noua utriusque Indiae
  • Tabula noua Helvetiae
  • Tabula noua Prouinciarum Rheni
  • [Untitled Map of Lorraine]
  • Tabula noua Candiae
  • Tabula noua totius orbis / Diefert Situs Orbis Hydrographorum ab eo quem Ptolomeus Posuit
  • Orbis typus universalis iuxta hydrographorum traditionem exactissime depicta, 1522. L. F. / Tabula orbis cum descriptione ventorum
  • [Armillary sphere with the inhabited earth by Albrecht Dürer]
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